A little about me…Renee Meininger: word junkie, dessert addict

  1. I once accepted dessert as payment for my copywriting expertise. Just kidding. I’ve accepted dessert twice.
  2. I was appointed the lead copywriter for Macy’s FRANGO chocolates because it was thought that my “enthusiasm for sugar will shine through in the copy.” They were right.
  3. Before standing to accept a national writing award, I finished my last bite of lemon raspberry cheesecake.
  4. For two weeks straight, I ate nothing but Hostess fruit pies. What does that have to do with work? Oh I don’t know, maybe just a little thing called dedication. Or perhaps it was delirium.
  5. I write a ridiculously absurd blog about desserts that has been called a number of things; “boring” is not one of those things. Make your own judgements at