Here are just some of the brands I've worked with. To see the work I've done, click on the portfolio page from the menu above.


I've written for a number of Amazon properties, including Kindle and Prime Instant Video. Oh, and a holiday ad with a cat.


Frango chocolates, gift cards, special events, beauty, fashion, wedding and gift name it, I wrote about it.


If you've received an email from REI in the past few years, chances are I wrote it. Except the stuff you didn't like. I didn't write that.

Sur La Table

Did you know there's a tool specifically designed for pitting cherries? I did. Because I've written about every kitchen tool out there.


Whether they won me an award or simply hold a special place in my heart, these are a few of my favorites. Take a looksie at the rest of my portfolio when you click on the menu above.